Transforming Furniture - Transforming Lives

Emily Burns

Home Inspirations is a branch of New Beginnings Non-Profit. Proceeds from our boutiques sales go to fund our ministry helping save lives. The men and women in our homes often help paint furniture for our boutique.


Over 4,600 persons annually are returned to the community of El Dorado County from just our local jail. There is a great need to introduce them to the one who can change their lives in a great way forever and help them on that journey with practical discipleship in a safe and positive environment.

Safe secure housing

New Beginnings provides a safe place for residents to feel comfortable, monitored by staff 24/7

Drug-free environment

Fostering a clean environment, free of alcohol and drugs to provide a pathway to productive lifestyles

Non-profit organization

New Beginnings is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the Placerville area.

Volunteer staff

The staff of New Beginnings is made up of largely of volunteer community members.

Donation funded

New Beginnings is largely funded through community donations and by both of our stores.


By shopping at our stores you literally are making a difference in some ones life.

We can't wait for you to visit.